Spent some time this weekend in a place called Camberley, outside on London. We stayed at this little Hotel and Spa very convenient after the Monaco trip. Did some picnics in the sunshine, boosted the blood flow in the sauna, at the gym and I just inhaled as much fresh air as I possibly could. I also changed my accent a little to a slightly more British one we´ll see how long that last, haha! The train back got cancelled so the way back to Paris was rather unnerving went to bed at about 2:30 and had a meeting the day after. The meeting went well and I’ve been working a lot since I came back. Started out the last two days at the gym and then I’ve been doing research and writing, I am so lucky to be able to work from home It really suits me so well. I have my creative moments and then Im very productive and I can really do my best, I feel extremely lucky to be able to have it like this. I worked on the train back and to London which made it possible for me to spend my entire Friday in London, truly grateful for that!

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