Det här hade jag på mig när vi strosade runt en eftermiddag i Monaco. Det blir mörkt betydligt mycket tidigare där nere så när vi kom ut från Café de Paris var det redan mörkt, planen var alltså inte att ha vitt på dagen, man ja så blev det!

Bought these pants especially for warmer days in the city I don’t like the idea of showing to much skin during daytime in the city. The tourists can do that I get it its summer its warm its nice but I don’t think it looks very nice. And the truth is that Its a lot more comfortable with white pants. I had an other pair of white loose pants in Nice it was about 26 degrees and Ive never been so cool and comfortable. I had this outfit during an afternoon in Monaco so my intention was not actually to wear a completely white outfit during night.. Anyways, white pants is what ill be wearing in Paris this summer!

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