On Satruday me and Cindy went to dinner with a friend who lives in between London and Monaco. We were going to Sass but it was super crowded so after all we ended up getting a Table at Avenue 31. It was good, nothing over the top, we did get quite simple food lite veggies and fresh fish, the fish was delicious! Me and Cindy hade bagels for lunch that day and pasta for dinner the day before. I also ate a lot of snickers in the car and a sandwich from a plastic box the day before and my body was crawing some neat protein and fresh fibers, I do tend to eat quite healthy since I got a lot of allergies and want to be as healthy as possible. But believe me I do love those cheating days as well. So this day I hade wine, champagne and some dessert, chocolate scream and the vanilla sauce from the tiramisu, Im picky with my desserts but anything chocolate always warms my heart and soul! After the dinner we were going to Amber lounge but then decided to go to JimmyZ wich was crazy crowded we couldn’t even get trough the crowd to the bouncers and since it already was so late we decided to do a rain check and went to JimmyZ on sunday instead.

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