Weekend in the south

Okay I’ve had the time of my life, really! Friday morning me and Cindy picked up this little baby Fiat at Gare du Nord and then we started driving towards Cannes. It was so much fun, my first time driving outside of Sweden and I think I managed it rather well. Cindy drove a lot on the high way since I tend to get so bored and sleepy so I really had the best companion. To all you considering doing a roundtrip in another country just do it you’ll figure everything out along the way. People seem to drive crazy as F here in France I was anxious for weeks before we left but at the end I really think it was just a lot of fun. People did pay good attention and even tough they are all over the place if you just drive like them its totally fine. We arrived rather late to our airbnb witch was located between Nice and Monaco. We went to a little grocery store to get som milk for the morning coffee and just something little to eat then we drove in to Monaco. Oh lord what a mess that was…. First we drove one direction and on our way there was an accident. The police managed everything very well and we enjoyed all the nice cars who had to go backwards again. Gosh that took time for the poor drivers who didn’t wanna scratch their limited editions cars of all kinds of nice brands. Finally we arrived in Monaco. It was rather chaotic there as well since they close half of the roads due to the Grand Prix. Everything was well organized but it did take a lot of time due all the cars.

Gissar att alla svenskar kan läsa på engelska också. Har tänkt att jag ska testa att skriva lite på engelska eller kanske iaf köra en liten mix ett tag så får vi se hur det känns! 


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